“Accomplices are connivers” and that’s how it goes! Networking creative and thrilled business partners was the godfather of SOUND LAKE CITY - thus building solid ground for this project right from the start.

People, enterprises, organizations who believe in the power of a single thought, a SPARK, and backing this SPARK, a new format and Muenster’s cultural profile with their reputation.

We would like to say Thank You and look forward to turning SOUND LAKE CITY into a strong brand not only with their but also with your support!









The Factory Hotel, our main sponsor....
MUSIC at the Factory Hotel is spelled with a capital M, so it seemed natural to set up SOUND LAKE CITY on Germania Campus. Listening to the sounds of the CLOUD by the “magic pond” called Zaubersee ...    

The blend of extraordinary local conditions, a generous and relaxed host and a fantastic and highly motivated team make our SPARK come to life in this unique spot, where we are blessed with a grandiose, passionate and straightforward support we as well as the artists, guests and partners can only benefit from.





Along the lines of “Passion for sound and vision” Auditorium has been in the Muenster business since 2009. The joint love of music, the passion for first-class technical conversion and high aspirations of both quality and quantity quickly brought us together and we are looking forward to a fruitful collaboration with these young and motivated accomplices.






Connecting music and passion! Frank Burghaus’s maxime strikes the eye even on Burghaus Automobile’s homepage, displaying him with “grandseigneur” Steffi Stephan during an opening ceremony of Muenster’s popular classics get-together. Being both music aficionado and fan of our format, Burghaus Automobile is on parade for shuttling our artists. So keep your eyes peeled in May for the odd star rushing by in one of Burghaus’s nippy little cars on the way to SOUND LAKE CITY ...







Beauty, comfort, relaxation, indulgence. Just like the other accomplices, Cabelo have spontaneously identified themselves with our format and have declared their complicity. Pioneering spirit, drive, boldness, at the same time not losing track of appreciating beauty, this is what unites us with Cabelo’s aspiring team. No need to mention that they will take care of our artists’ styling, if required. So in case Cristina Branco is looking exceptionally beautiful and aglow with happiness on 23 May 2014, you will know who’s behind it!






Being the father of Germania Campus, Deilmann is more than smitten by SOUND LAKE CITY and supports the concept in this function as well as a friend of good music. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that the musical course on Germania Campus was set long before our time. Who hasn’t yet indulged in Lounge tunes in the cool settings of the Campus’s ruins and shells, e. g. Dininghof’s? This tradition is both motivation and obliga-
tion alike for SOUND LAKE CITY and its projects.





JAZZthetik is a very special accomplice we have become extremely fond of. They are presenting our project to the experts, at the same time offering essential support with regard to content as well as permanent coaching. We are delighted by this alliance.







Aesthetic demand, sense of value and quality – Krukenkamp’s attributes clearly fit into our family of accomplices. If you find our artists resting on sofas, our guests slouching in the CLOUD’s outdoor furniture, be sure to quickly get a seat in one of the unbeatable comfort zones to enjoy the sounds of MUENSTER MUSIC DAYS.








We would like to thank Living Concept’s team for such a cool and bold logo, for a brilliant CI, ads and posters, just for an amazingly creative and dynamic support ... a crazy amount of patience ...

Boys and girls – working with you is a ball!








The single-hand watch. Unique. Classical. Unostentatious. This measure known from the infancy of watchmaking has now been reissued by MEISTERSINGER, showing both consciousness of tradition and pioneering spirit. Based on their affinity with music, MEISTERSINGER’s bond with SOUND LAKE CITY was a quick done deal; with a congenial mind we have been planning and visualizing ever since.  A fact which makes the single-hand watch even more likeable: it can be read to five-minute precision only – so time’s secondary, relative, individually assessable. Let’s enjoy it. Relax. Let’s be lulled ... by the sounds of the CLOUD.





A Steinway grand piano from the Steinway gallery at Pianohaus Micke, what else would do justice to Cristina Branco, Tingvall-Trio, Dhafer Youssef or Duo Sonetta. Highest demands on craftsmanship guarantee for virtuosic, wonderful concerts in the CLOUD. Sold on the concept and program of SOUND LAKE CITY - MUENSTER MUSIC DAYS, Pianohaus Micke quickly became one of our accomplices. We are looking forward to this collaboration.






If you have been to this roasting house, you have satisfied yourself of the love, passion, expertise and engagement this place is humming with. This is where one-of-a-kind coffee brands are created. Indulgence and quality are the focus of attention here – just as in SOUND LAKE CITY. This is why the team at roestbar perfectly fits into our family of accomplices, and we are particularly looking forward to working with each and every one of them. Maybe we can even convince Sandra and Mario to treat you with one of their special barrista creations in May ... we’ll see ...






The PR team at Stadtwerke Münster is absolutely excited about our program and they think all customers should be informed about the SOUND LAKE CITY format. We think so, too, and are happy that 95 per cent of all Muenster citizens will learn about our program. So definitely keep your eyes open and read the newsletters that will keep you posted! And who knows, there might be the odd special offer for Stadtwerke plus card holders ...watch out!





As a local SOUND LAKE CITY media partner, the Westfälische Nachrichten have supported us right from the start. We would like to say Thank You for this leap of faith and the good collaboration we, on top of a wide readership, benefit from.




Karin Berlin Fotodesign - www.berlinberlin-muenster.de

Burkhard Fincke - www.fincke-loechel.com

Tatjana Jentsch Fotography - www.tatjanajentsch.de

Christoph Schulz - Musicom  - www.musicom.de

Uta Ramme - Fairwandler - www.fairwandler.de

Jutta Reinke - SK1 - www.sk1-reinke.de

Nicole Wissling - marken_zeichen - www.koerner-marketing.de

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