SOUND LAKE CITY not only feature a consecutive musical programme called Sound Lake City – CONCERTS, but also annual MUENSTER MUSIC DAYS, a rather compact scheme situated at the CLOUD on Germania Campus in Muenster.

Having settled somewhere between world music and jazz, it is quality we first and foremost seek with this format.

How do we achieve quality?

Exceptional people. Each and every artist we present tells his own tale and is held dear in the overall context of the programme.

An exceptional venue. Factory Hotel’s CLOUD is a rather small venue which allows for excellent acoustics and flawless realisation of SOUND LAKE CITY’s programme. The physical proximity to the artists on stage eventually takes this one-of-a-kind musical encounter to a whole new level.

The entire periphery conveys kindness, aesthetics and a sense of well-being. Our musicians perceive this place to be a welcome change off their beaten tour tracks, and the relaxed atmosphere enables them to perfectly tune in to their performances. SOUND LAKE CITY’s ease is palpable during our concerts and smoothes the way for intense and lasting experiences.


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